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What to Expect

Operating Hours

Mondays are Online lessons:

Year 4 to A Level 18:00- 20:00

Saturdays are face to face lessons:

Nursery to A Level 14:00 - 17:00


We are a single form entry school with an average class size of 15 children. Good education will always be based around a combination of traditional teaching methods and modern technologies, but at GLEE we go further than this to provide an all-round education that will be exciting, challenging and stimulating, within a community comprised of children, parents and staff that hold the same values as we do!

Nursery children get the chance to start school at age 4 and learn the modern language through song, drama and play. 

Our curriculum is designed to be accessible to absolute beginners, whilst providing those who have previously studied Greek with a solid understanding of the grammatical structures that will allow them to manipulate the language in a meaningful and creative way. 

Our curriculum at GCSE 1 and beyond follows the Edexcel GCSE specification. Students expand their vocabulary and grammatical knowledge and become more autonomous learners. They begin to discuss topics in more detail, giving detailed descriptions and narrating events.  Reading and listening are examined at the end of GCSE 3 and students sit controlled assessments in speaking and writing throughout the GCSE course – these allow a lot of creativity and enables all our students to produce something unique. 

Adult Classes

We can help families that do not speak Greek and encourage parents to work with us to establish adult learning classes.  Enquire for further details.

Music Lessons

Children in every class are taught different types of Greek music by our dedicated music teacher, from traditional songs and festive jingles to fun melodies and modern hits.

Dance Lessons 

Children enjoy music and dance lessons.  They practice for various performances throughout the year.  Lessons are held in the halls with our dedicated dance teachers.  

Break Time and Tuck Shop 

At break time on Saturday we run a tuck shop for the children.  They can choose from a variety of snacks and drinks. 

All children are supervised on break, we provided sporting and games equipment and are allowed to play outdoors when weather permits. 


Each pupil has a homework diary in which staff set out homework for each week. Parents are encouraged to ensure that homework is completed on time. Parents are encouraged to speak to their children in Greek as often as possible. Listening to Greek music, reading a Greek novel or watching Greek television is encouraged.  There is a wealth of Greek material online to explore, please ask one of our staff members for more information. We encourage at least an hour of homework per week. 


The school library supports the aim of the school “to provide a wide, liberal education”.  We stock resources (books, journals and DVDs) that complement the many varied activities of teaching.  We provide a calm environment where students can read and reflect. The library is also a dynamic place where students can practise their research skills. We support and encourage independent learning. 

Youth clubs 

Families are encouraged to take part in our youth clubs throughout the year.  We hold various activities on and off site. Communication is sent to members throughout the year. 

Youth Festivals  

Families are encouraged to come along to all the festivals throughout the year.  The children look forward to these events such as Christmas, Easter, The Written Word, Independence Day and Sports Day to name a few. 


As a charity we rely on donations big or small.  Without these valuable funds raised through our members and third parties we would not be able to continue to provide such a rich and diverse curriculum to our children. 


Donations are always welcome - Please contact the charity for further details on how you can help.


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