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Glee of Herts a registered charity,number 1040670

         WHAT WE DO                                 

School Times

Mondays: Years 4 onwards 18:00- 20:00

Saturdays: All children 14:00- 18:00

(On the first Sataurday of every month school finishes at 17:30 to accommodate the monthly staff meeting.)


The pupils gather in the hall at 2pm for assembly to be welcomed by the head teacher and to recite the Lord’s prayer. Parents are welcome to join the assembly or to handover their child to their teacher in the school hall before assembly starts. For children in years 2 and below, the teacher must register the child’s attendance before they can be left by their parents in the hall.


The average size of classes is 15-20 children and we usually have only one class per year group. In the nursery and younger classes the emphasis is on teaching and improving the Greek oral language and to encourage friendly relationships between the children, whereas in older classes the children are prepared for GCSE examinations.

Music Lessons

Students in every class are taught different types of Greek music by our music teacher, from traditional songs and festive jingles to fun melodies and modern hits.

Dance Lessons

All pupils in every class enjoy music and dance lessons and practise for various performances throughout the school terms. Dance lessons are held in the upper and lower halls with dance teachers Stelios and Thalia.

Break Time and Tuck Shop

At 15:15 on a Saturday it is break time and we run a small tuck shop for the children. For £1 they can choose 3 items from a choice of crisps, chocolates, sweets and water. 

Children from the lower school are supervised in the lower hall whilst the older pupils have the use of the upper hall and if the weather permits, are allowed to play in the playground.


Each pupil has a homework diary in which the teachers set out homework for each week. Parents are encouraged to ensure that homework is completed on time and the diary signed. Parents are also encouraged to speak to their children in Greek as often as possible as this will benefit the child's progress and grow their confidence. Even listening to Greek music or watching Greek television is encouraged and there is a wealth of Greek material on You Tube to explore.