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Term Dates


First Term

9th September to 18th December 2023

Sat 21st Oct - National Celebration (28th Oct 1940 - OXI)

Half Term: Mon 23rd Oct - Sat 28th Oct (School Closed)

Sat 4th Nov - Annual General Meeting for Members Only 

Sat 18th Nov -  NEPOMAK Shoebox Charity Appeal

Sat 25th Nov -  GCSE Mock Exams

Sat 2nd Dec - GCSE Mock Exams (continued) 

Sat 16th Dec - Christmas Assembly and Celebrations 

Mon 18th Dec - Last day of Term 

Second Term

8th January to 25th March 2024

Mon 8th Jan - Evening lessons resume 

Sat 13th Jan - Saturday lessons resume

Half Term: Mon 12th Feb - Sat 17th Feb (School Closed)

Mon 19th Feb - Evening lessons resume

Sat 9th Mar - Greek Evening (School Dinner and Dance)

Sat 23rd Mar - Celebration of 25th March 1821 / 1st April 1955

Mon 25th Mar - Last Day of Term 

Easter Holiday:  Sat 30th Mar - Fri 12th April

Third Term

13th April to 13th July 2024

Sat 13th Apr - Saturday lessons resume

Mon 15th Apr - Evening lessons resume

Sat 4th / Mon 6th May - Greek Easter / Bank Holiday

                          (School Closed)

Half Term: Mon 27th May - Sat 1st Jun (School Closed)

Mon 3rd Jun - Evening lessons resume

Sat 8th Jun - Saturday lessons resume 

Sat 13th Jul - Last Day of Term / Assembly and Prizegiving



First Term

14th September to 21st December 2024          (Provisional)

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