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Support Us

While the Committee takes care of the charity, we always welcome, appreciate and very much rely on, support from our members, families and local community. 

Here are just some of the ways you can get involved, most of which take very little time, but go a long way towards helping us provide an enjoyable learning experience for our children:

  • Tuck Shop - this is open to children of all classes at 3pm every Saturday. Run by the Committee, we always welcome parent helpers, and the children do love having their parents serve them!

  • Events - as a charity, we rely heavily on fundraising events to provide the best experience for your children. We very much appreciate and rely on parents' support by attending these events and helping in any way you can - whether it's baking a cake, donating resources for the annual Sports Day BBQ, donating a prize for the Christmas fayre, or sponsoring our annual Dinner & Dance - all and any support is gratefully received.

If you would like to be involved as a fundraiser, or would consider joining the Committee, please come and speak to one of our dedicated volunteers who would be happy for the support!

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