The guidelines have been adopted by the Committee Members and our staff to assist with the smooth running of our activities.


The guidelines exist to make children aware of what we expect from them. 


It is important to realise that the we are using the facilities of a primary school. Children are prohibited from disturbing any items that belong to the school. These are the property of the primary school.  Parents are asked to supervise their children whilst on site with them. 



Discipline is intended to guide all children towards self-control and personal responsibility.


Children are expected to:

  • attend regularly and on time

  • participate positively in all lessons

  • have respect for themselves, their friends, staff, volunteers, their work and their environment

  • behave responsibly and politely at all times

  • take care of your own property and respect that of others

  • not chew any gum as this is not allowed 

  • not leave the premises without prior consent from staff / volunteers during school hours

  • attend all festivals.

We expect parental support to ensure that the children maintain a high standard of good manners, consideration for others, neat appearance, punctuality and regular attendance. 



Children must be at on site at least five minutes prior to lessons starting.  

It is important parents bring their children on time as lateness to class is disruptive to both the child and staff.

Parents must collect their children promptly at  6pm on Saturday and 8pm on Monday. Please note that staff are not responsible for the children after these hours. Parents must therefore ensure that children are collected on time.



Particular emphasis is given to regular and punctual attendance at school and at all lessons. We recognise good attendance by the presentation of certificates at the end of the year. Excess absence may lead to a child repeating a year or expulsion from the group.  Should a child be absent, it is expected that we are notified in advance, by telephone or email. If the child intends to enter a series of non-attendance, e.g Monday evenings, a written application for permission needs to be handed to the headteacher, outlining the reason for the intended absence.



Parents and guardians should notify the school before the start of class if their child is suffering from an illness or has not been well earlier in the day, so that we can be prepared for any issue arising with the child's condition or illness. Children that have been sick before school or with a contagious condition should be kept off school for that day or for as long as necessary. Should a child fall ill during school or suffer an injury we will contact the parent or guardian whose contact details are noted in our records. 

Bad Behaviour

Bad behaviour in the school will not be tolerated. A series of sanctions will ultimately lead to the permanent exclusion of the child, as follows:

  1. initial reprimand

  2. informing the parents

  3. temporary exclusion from the school, maximum 3 weeks

  4. permanent exclusion.

Payment for any damage done to school property will be the family's responsibility. 

Parking on site

For the safety of our children and families we have a “no parking” policy in respect of the one way driveway in front of the school building. This is strictly a drop-and-drive zone only. Parents and guardians are asked to park in the school’s internal car park or in the adjacent car park (to the right of the school, which is accessed via Fetherstone Close). There is additional parking off site along Chace Avenue. The area in front of the school needs to be kept clear at all times to avoid congestion, collisions and accidents, but also to allow unrestricted access for emergency services. When parking within the car parks please give due consideration to other vehicles and park sensibly within the marked bays. 

Please also remember that the driveway is one way and runs anti-clockwise, so entering on the right and leaving on the left. As you drive into the school premises through the main gates, there is no left turn for the car park - all vehicles are required to follow the anti-clockwise route around the roundabout before exiting the school or entering the car park.

At collection time for the older children, especially on Monday evenings, cars may drive around the roundabout anti-clockwise and stop outside the doors of the upper building, waiting in line for their children to come out. Should your child be delayed, please drive round again and join the end of the queue.


Open Days

Parents are informed about the progress of their child by their teacher during Open Days which are held once a term. If parents are not able to attend the allocated Open Day for any reason they are welcome to discuss their child's progress with the teacher at the end of class on any other Saturday, provided that they give the teacher some advance notice. It is also possible to speak with the headteacher on a Saturday at a time that is mutually convenient to all, by prior appointment. 


Dance Lessons

We appreciate that parents and guardians enjoy watching their children dance Greek and there is always a temptation to enter the assembly hall to watch the children practice their routine. As with all classes we do not permit anyone other than staff during class time.  


Parents are asked to oversee and encourage children with their homework assignments to ensure its completion and that pupils work in the most helpful conditions at home. Every child is set homework and they carry a homework diary with them. Social commitments should not interfere with homework as it is an important part of the child's development. It is requested that parents sign the homework diary to indicate that they are aware their child has been doing the set work. If a staff member notes that a child consistently fails to complete homework, they will inform the parents. Children who are absent from school are obliged to obtain the homework from the teacher and carry out the work. 

Mobile Phones/Tablets

Mobiles may be confiscated if pupils are found using them during normal operating times unless otherwise stated by a staff / volunteer member.  If a parent needs to be contacted this will be done by the headteacher or a committee member.  If a parent wishes to send an urgent message to their child, they may do so by calling the us on Tel: 07935921982.

Dress Code

There is no requirement to wear a uniform to attend but children should be appropriately dressed in clean and comfortable attire. Appropriate footwear should be worn which is suitable for dance classes from Year 1 and above. "Heeleys" (footwear that have wheels) are not permitted to be worn. 

Fire Drills

In the event of a fire drill, or when the fire alarm sounds, all children must evacuate the building in a silent, orderly and safe manner, following the instructions of staff or committee members.

First Aid

We have a number of qualified first responders made up of staff and committee members. There is always a designate First Aider on duty each week.

Collecting children

Parents are requested to collect their children from the main school building from a staff member promptly.  Children are not allowed to leave the site unless they have been formally handed over by a staff member. 

If a parent is delayed and is unable to collect their child on time they must ensure they notify us in advance by calling on 07935921982. 


Tuck Shop 

On Saturday the children are given a supervised break. During the break the committee run a Tuck Shop for the children. Items available include bottled water and a variety of snacks, sometimes hot or cold.  Younger children are brought out earlier than the older classes to avoid a rush.

If you would like your child to buy items from the Tuck Shop please ensure they have some money with them (£1 is sufficient and will allow the child to purchase up to 3 items). If you would prefer that your child does not purchase items from the Tuck Shop, please provide your child with a snack and drink from home and ensure that both the child and their teacher are informed of your decision. Smaller children can get extremely upset if they do not have any money to select an item. 

The Tuck Shop will have items for sale from time to time which may not be nut, dairy or gluten free. It is important therefore we are made aware of any food allergies your child may have. We can not guarantee we are a nut free premises. 


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