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About Us

Our Mission

A place to advance the education of children and young people in the County of Hertfordshire and in particular the children and young people of the Greek Community of the area, including their education through leisure-time activities so that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society and their conditions of life may be improved.

Our Background

The school was established on the 1st September 1979 by its founding members. In March 1985 the school transferred to Oakmere School, Potters Bar. Today we operate from a modern, state of the art building at Dame Alice Owens School, allocated exclusively for our use on Saturday. 

Our Affiliates

We are also affiliated with ΑΕΣΑ (Ανεξαρτητα Ελληνικα Σχολεια Αγγλιας) which is made up of a number of like minded schools in England. ΑΕΣΑ, which was founded in 1980, helps to support the wider community and shares the same values we share. 


We are governed by a democratically elected committee of volunteers who are appointed as Trustees of the establishment.  We truly value the work carried out by our staff, volunteers, members and their families, without whom the work we do in the local community would simply not exist.

Non-Profit Organisation

We always require donations and support in every way possible.  Please keep supporting us, add us into your Will, donate via Direct Debit or find ways to support us.  

We are a non profit organisation and as such every penny we receive we invest back into the community we serve. 

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